Cameo Studios is a growing
independent network of creative
workspaces, offering affordable
artist studios and exhibition
spaces located across London.

Cameo Studios facilitates a range of making, experimentation and production processes required for visual artists to sustain and develop their practices. Whilst providing opportunities for the individual, we drive towards the contributions artists can make to the education, well-being and sustainability of the local central London communities.

The creative industry is essential to the UK’s culture and economy, and over the last thirty years, we have seen creatives get pushed out of the centre of London. Cameo Studios strives to bring artists back into the heart of the city and in doing so, nurture a diverse and ever-expanding artistic community. Cameo Studios works with multiple partners across public, private and commercial sectors who understand the need for these spaces in the city.

Cameo Studios is run by artists for artists. We understand the influence that space and surroundings have on creative practice, and have built Cameo with the knowledge and experience of working as artists across London. With Cameo Studios you will have access to several different resources, from communal workspaces to exhibition settings for self-initiated projects. We aim to be cost-effective and currently operate across a wide spectrum of sites with studios to fit different budgets.

A circular economy is at the core of Cameo Studios; using the surrounding community to develop and inform artistic practice, whilst giving back to the community in all forms of creative outlets. Whether you choose to work alone or thrive off creative discourse, Cameo provides a wide pool of creatives around to collaborate with.

Cameo Studios will hold exhibitions, open studio events, residency programmes and much more, built around a community of artists in central London.